About this blog

Zane’s Blog (or Zlog for short) is where I plan to post about different things that I’m interested in. Andrew Heiss gave me the excellent advice that all my work should be done in public because you never know what will be useful to someone else, and some of my adviser Andreas Handel’s post have been very helpful to me. So maybe one day my blog will be as useful as their blogs.

About Zane

Zane Billings is a PhD student in the data analysis and modeling program, department of epidemiology and biostatistics, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. His main skills are R programming, scientific computing, and statistical data analysis. Most of his research focuses on influenza and the immune response to seasonal influenza vaccines, but he has also done work on norovirus. In general, he is interested in using statistics, data analytics, and modeling methods to improve understand of common viral pathogens.